Alberobello city guide

Hystoric notes and description of Alberobello, in the land of Puglia

It wasn’t only Gabriele D’Annunzio who was enchanted by the trulli of Alberobello:

“I wake and see the town of my dreams, as if I were still sleeping“,

he wrote in one of his travel notebooks during his stay in the Valle d’Itria.

And it really is like this: arriving in this curious and fascinating town you enter into a world that seems to come from a fable.

Alberobello is the flower in the buttonhole of the Valley of the Trulli and is one of the most visited and loved by tourists. Its houses with coned roofs, in which it seems only a race of dwarves could enter, are a real tourist attraction. It is unique in the world and for this reason has been protected by Unesco since 1996 as part of the world heritage.

The ancient village had about 1400 trulli built following a technique which has been kept and handed down over the centuries by the ‘Master trulli builders’: they are built with dry stone, without the use of mortar, the flat stone ‘tiles’ for the roof are individually worked upon, and placed one on top of the other in decreasing concentric rings, until they close at the top, thus creating the characteristic cone.

Here you do not need many directions for the visit, it’s enough to walk around without a specific aim in mind in the picturesque alleys to come across the most spectacular corners of the town. Cobbled streets, whitewashed trulli and their coned roofs, and then the signs painted in whitewash upon the cones and the pinnacles make of Alberobello a timeless living sculpture, which wraps the visitor in an unreal and almost enchanted atmosphere.


Must see and visit in Alberobello

Trullo churc

The Sovereign trullo

The “Monti” quarter

The “Aia piccola quarter

Basilica of the Medici Saints

Piazza del popolo

Casa d’amore (House of Love)





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