Bar Fod

Originally it was just a coffee place, 1921 run by Francesco Pinto, grandfather of the current owners.

It got its present name  in 1951 when his sons Francesco, Orlando & Donato decided to renew and name it “FOD” from their initials and not as commonly believed, from the local word “Folla” (Crowd).  Management was then entrusted   to Mario, the fourth brother, who for more than 40 years has been taking care of its fortunes.   Today Mario is still collaborating in the day-to-day running, together with his children Francesco, Fabio and Antonietta, whilst their Mamma, Maria, is the trusty pastry cook.

Always located in the piazza, between Porta Grande (Big Gate), Porta Piccola (Small Gate) and Piazza Nuova (New Square), the bar is right in the heart of the historical centre, where once upon a time all businesses and trades were based until their expansion beyond the surrounding fortress walls. These days the centre not only protects and preserves the history and architecture of a former civilization, but is lively and productive.

In 1985 Bar FOD started an active policy of cultural investment, as well renewing its interior in order to attract new customers. In 1994, it transformed the fair of local and regional musicians to a cultural project that within a few years become an important international festival called “ Pietre che Cantano” (Singing Stones).

Since 1998 it has also started a unique initiative called “Aperitivo Classico” (Classic Aperitif).  The initiative involves concerts of classical music, played in the magical piazza in the full light of midday sunshine accompanied by delicious aperitifs to stimulate the senses and the appetite!

In 2007 a new room furnished by the architects Francesco Nitti and Sabina Balestra was added to the existing space, making the bar more comfortable & homely for customers. The new room is called Room “G” dedicated to the beloved Gigi.



Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II 5, Cisternino


40.741852784416, 17.426837378807


Opening Hours


8:00 - 23:00


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8:00 - 23:00


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8:00 - 23:00