Basilica of the Medici Saints Alberobello

The basilica dedicated to the Medici Saints Cosmas and Damian stands in an area which was previously occupied by a small rural chapel. The present church, the synthesis of various reconstructions, was built between 1882 and 1885 taking inspiration from neoclassical stylistic trends. The pilaster strips, the columns and the two bell towers, ideally linked by a balustrade give a strong vertical sense to the façade of the church, further accentuated by the steeples that point to the sky.

The two bell-towers, one of which houses a sundial and the other a clock, reproduce in scale the central part of the façade. A sculpted decoration enhances the façade of the basilica: high up there are the statues of St. Peter to the right and St Paul to the left, while a bas-relief shows Jesus between Mary, John, Saint Peter, St. Paul and the Medici Saints.

The interior of the basilica is laid out in the form of a latin cross. Particularly noteworthy is the niche in the left transept with the wooden statues of the Medici and their precious remains: an arm of Saint Cosmas and the skull of Saint Damian.

In February, 2000 Pope John Paul II promoted the church to the status of a minor Basilica.

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Piazza Curri, Alberobello


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