Casa d’amore (House of Love) Alberobello

In front of the Alberobello’s Town Hall is located the first historic seat of the Town Council: Casa d’Amore (House of Love).

The name of the building comes from its owner, Francesco D’Amore. The house was built not far from the Palace of the Count (indeed from the second floor you can look at the Acquaviva’s residence), it was a sign of victory as they used mortar and lime which up to then had been prohibited.

The use of the new material is what makes this house historically interesting: this is the first house built with mortar, some months after a royal decree was issued that allowed the inhabitants to build with binding materials and without having to construct dry stone buildings and submit to the vassalage of the Counts Acquaviva of Conversano. The use of mortar allowed the local master builders to construct a house on two floors, almost like a nobleman’s palace.

The Casa D’Amore, given its historic importance, was declared a national monument in 1930.

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Piazza del Popolo, Alberobello


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