The white Kasbah of the Valle d’Itria. The silence of its historic centre strikes you immediately, you will hear it amplified as you go further through its white streets which wind round like in a labyrinth. In the main square the clock on the tower seems to mark out the ancient rhythm and it’s very pleasant to watch the town enjoying itself, sipping a coffee at the bar and then to lose yourself in the medieval heart of the city in its alleyways, stairways and whitewashed houses.

The day starts slowly in Cisternino but at night the movement starts. After sunset, the little streets fill up with tourists looking for a table where they can dine under the Valle d’Itria sky. The gastronomy offers a wide variety and you can choose between restaurants that offer you traditional local food, bistros that offer vegetarian dishes with farmers’ products and ready-lit ovens where you can taste the ‘bombette’ a local delicacy.

Some people choose Cisternino for its festive and lively historic centre and some choose it to enjoy nature and bring peace and calm to their spirit. Here, in the countryside dotted with trulli, you can find the Bhole Baba Ashram, a centre for prayer and a haven of peace for the devoted and for curious tourists – and the first stretch of the cycletrack which runs along the water pipeline of the apulian aqueduct.

This town with so many faces, boasts of many awards: since 2013 it has been a Jewel of Italy, a tourist acclaim recognised in the countries that promote the good life in Italy. It is included in the list of the most beautiful towns of Italy and has a Green Flag for Agriculture and an Orange Flag in the Touring Club and is part of the ‘Slow Towns’ international network.





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