Visiting Fasano means really travelling through the history and culture of one the most beautiful and fascinating areas in the Valle d’Itria, which can conquer you with its historical, gastronomic and naturalistic beauty.

The journey to discover this city can only begin at the Archeological Park of Egnazia (Gnathia) and proceeds, as if it was a kind of migration, from the sea inland, following the movements of the people who lived in this area: who at first lived on the coast and, after the fall of the roman empire, abandoned it to live in the rock settlements and then to build hamlets. And it was one of these hamlets that became S. Maria de Fajano or the modern Fasano.

Today Fasano is a tourist city with many facets, which can offer a colourful and variegated sensuous experience.

The old town is a succession of alleyways, arches and little squares, which the typical houses called case alla fasanese look out onto. The Chiesa Matrice, Piazza Ciaia and the Portici delle Teresiane are not to be missed.

Outside the walls of the old town we advise you to go and discover the splendid natural scenery that surrounds the city. On one side we see the hills dotted with trulli, on the other a green agricultural plain leads to the sea. It’s wonderful to walk there or ride on horse or bike on the roads through the tree-lined hills, the countryside with its age-old olive trees or along the beach with its fine golden sands.

Let yourself be accompanied on your journey by the amazing dishes of the traditional cuisine to be found in this area.





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