The rotund town with its pointed roofs (cummerse) and its curved profile dominates the whole of the Valle d’Itria. The town over the centuries as developed into a circular shape on top of a small hill and it is deom this particular form that its name comes, Locus Rotundus, the round place.

A visit to discover Locorotondo, one of ‘the most beautiful towns in Italy’ and holder of the ‘Orange Flag’ of the Touring Club, can only begin in its historic centre.

Walking through Locorotondo is like opening up a little treasure chest: everything here is cared for in detail, with the small shiny streets, the splendid white of the walls painted with lime and the flowers that stand out like flashes of colour on a blank canvas. In the alleyways, which wind their way between the whitewashed walls, there still exist little artisan’s workshops, such as the tailor’s workshop and the ‘Tempo Perso’ workshop, which still carry forward the ancient skills.

But what makes this historic centre unique are the cummerse (pointed roofs). Via Nardelli, called after the people who live in this place on the sea, is a splendid viewpoint from which you can admire these roofs: they are arrayed in ranks, one next to the other, these houses with their sharp pointed roofs, outline the famous round profile that marks out this town.


Visiting Locorotondo is like taking a leap backwards in time. It is land with a deep sense of tradition, it has traditional local dishes, it is the home of Bianco Locorotondo Doc and of the hundred hamlets. Locorotondo will win over your hearts and give to the visitor a taste of authentic fascination. In summer there are many events to embellish the offer of entertainment to the tourist, from folklore and the festival of San Rocco with its famous firework display and the very popular Locus Festival.





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