Opposite the clock tower we find the Collegiate Church of the Nativity of Saint Mary better known as the Mother Church. The church goes back to 1316 even if some documents suggest that existed already in 1180. Legend has it that the building was constructed under a walnut tree, in the place in which the Madonna of the walnut tree appeared to Philip of Anjou, the Prince of Taranto, protecting him from a thunderstorm. Very little has remained of the ancient church of modest dimensions: just a fragment in gothic style in the Cappella della Trinità. The building in the course of the centuries as been modified many times following the reconstructions promoted by the Angevins, the Orsini family and the family of Acquaviva d’Aragona. These were the noble families who exercised their power over the feudal town of Noci. On the façade there is the portal and the rose-window, next to a chessboard design with rich figures on the interior. Within the church in the Cappella della Trinità you find the altarpiece, an element of great historic and artistic interest. The group of sculptures is found in eight niches within which there are statues of eight saints faithfully reproduced with their own iconographic signs: Sant’Antonio, San Rocco, San Sebastiano and San Giacomo above, and San Domenico, San Pietro, San Paolo and San Vito below.



Piazza Plebiscito 16, Noci


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