Continuing your walk you reach piazza Fra Giuseppe Andrea Rodio dominated by the imposing Church of San Giorgio. Begun in 1790 and finished in 1825the modern day church stands in the same area where, in the past, another two churches were built. Its magnificent façade in neoclassical style catches the eye. It features a relief figure of San Giorgio with the dragon at the centre and in the two corners there are the statues of San Pietro and Paolo. Its bell-tower is 47 metres high, with the statues of the three Mary’s and Veronica. The central dome is 35 metres and was once covered in coloured terracotta tiles, but these were never renewed after the damage caused by lightning in 1841. The building is constructed on a greek cross plan. On the left you can enter the chapel of the Holy Sacrament in which there are 42 bas-relief figures representing scenes from the old and new testament. The main altar is the work of the Neapolitan sculptor Fedele Caggiano and houses the large picture of San Giorgio.



piazza Fra Giuseppe Andrea Rodio, Locorotondo


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