The Mother Church of Cisternino is dedicated to San Nicola di Pàtara, thte famous saint of Bari. It was built around the 14th century on a previous Christian temple constructed in the Romanesque style and recently rediscovered. Thanks to the excavations today you can visit the remains of the small church built by basilian monks, situated under the Mother Church. On the top of the façade we see today there are two statues of praying saints and below there are three entrances which correspond to the three naves inside. Along the right hand nave there is the Chapel of the Rosary and of the Holy Sacrament. Between the two chapels you can find one of the most prestigious sculptures of the Puglian renaissance, the Madonna of the Goldfinch (1517), attributed to the artist Stefano da Putignano and dedicated to the Madonna of Constantinople.



Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi, 72014 Cisternino BR


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