Noci has ancient origins and is in one of the greenest areas of the Valle d’Itria. It was considered to be the town of walnut trees and of woods, because of the numerous trees that cover the area.

From far off you recognize the town by the three towers that stand out on the top of the hill: the bell-towers of the Mother Church and the Church of Santa Chiara together with the clock tower are the historic and architectural symbols of the town. The heart of the historic centre is a succession of tortuous alleyways, votive shrines, chimneys and gnostre – characteristic common courtyards which are closed on three sides where children used to play and the women would gather to do some mending and share their joys, woes and gossip.

If you had to draw Noci, it would be picture in which the verdant pasture land meets up at the horizon with a clear blue sky, a rural landscape with churches, masserie farmhouses and trulli which takes your mind back to the times when life was measured by natural cycles and enriched with folklore and traditions.

Noci is the kingdom of the gourmet. Here they produce mozzarella cheese and dairy products of every kind, excellent meats that form the basis of tasty dishes and, in the age of street food, you can’t miss the ‘panino di marino’ (Marino’s sandwich) a small salumeria where the owner will delight you with sandwiches with gourmet fillings made of cured meats and local delicacies.

At Noci there is everything you need to restore your spirits, recharge your batteries and enjoy a journey among the colours and tastes of the valley of the trulli.





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