Halfway between the blue of the sea and the blue of the sky stands the white city of the Valle d’Itria. Poetically arranged upon the summit of a hill, Ostuni is surrounded by variegated and enchanting countryside.

The ‘land’ corresponds to the historic centre, with its characteristic little white houses which have been whitewashed with lime. Here everything appears whiter than white and it is a warren of steps up down to many floors, and alleyways and stairways that snake between the houses, the ancient entrances and the marvelous churches. Piazza Libertà is certainly the ideal starting point to go and discover the old town, to reach at the end viale Quaranta, the long street which the ancient walls of the city run along. From here there is just the enchanting plain of olive trees to separate your eyes from the sea. Priceless trees which are thousands of years old, the inhabitants of this land since no-one knows when, and thanks to which we produce a lovely scented oil which is particularly prized, the yellow gold of Puglia.

To appreciate and enjoy Ostuni to the full means being able to enjoy a dive into the crystal waters of the sea which has won many ‘Blue Flag’ awards, it means going for an excursion in the nature park of the Coastal Dunes, being immersed in the countryside between the olive trees and the Mediterranean maquis or perhaps sipping an aperitif in the shadow of the magnificent Cathedral. You will discover a land of intense colours which can give you moments of intense pleasure and unforgettable views.

Sea, nature, architecture, history and traditions all melt together in one of the most visited towns in the Valle d’Itria.






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