This small detour lets you join Piazza Plebiscito from an alleyway behind the basilica, from which it is possible to see the bell-tower of S. Martino, the last tower remaining from the earlier medieval church. Turning the corner you will be surprised by the majestic Minor Basilica of San Martino with its rococo façade. It goes back to 1747 and has a nave in the form of a latin cross with chapels for the nobility at its sides.  There are various prestigious works to be admired within: on the main altar there is the golden statue of the patron saint, Saint Martin of Tours, a work by Stefano da Putignano and the white marble sculptures of Charity and Abundance attributed to Giuseppe Sammartino, besides the paintings of the Evangelists on the vaults of the dome signed by Carella together with the canvas of the Last Supper in the chapel of the Most Holy Sacrament and the silver statues of St Martin And St Comasia with the precious liturgical décor manufactured in Naples kept in the Collegiate Treasury, to the right of the main altar. Since the year 2000, the Basilica of San Martino has been a UNESCO peace monument.



Via Masaniello, 1, Martina Franca


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