After Largo Seggio, there is largo S. Giovanni Battista, dominated by the monumental presence of the Mother Church, also devoted to ‘Battista’, the patron saint of Fasano and the protector of the Knights of Malta,  who from 1317 to 1808 governed the city. The façade of the Mother Church is one of the most interesting remains of late renaissance architecture in the area. Built completely in sandstone bricks, the church is set out on two levels surmounted by Corinthian capitols with an elegant and finely cut rose window, a masterpiece of artisanal sculpture. There is also a triangular tympanum on which stands the statue of St. John the Baptist. Above the entrance door is a bas-relief figure of the Virgin with Child. On her left hand side there is a baroque bell tower with a square base. The church is built with three naves and has rich stucco decorations within, the work of artists and artisans from Fasano, while at the back of the principal nave, behind the presbytery, you can see the chapel that houses the organ with its pipes and the niche with the stature of Our Lady of the Well.



Largo San Giovanni Battista, 1, Fasano


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