Found in the oasis of Barsento, a protected area of great natural beauty, you find the abbey of Maria del Barsento which stands on the remains of a village which is probably of messapian origins. Placed on the top of the hill, the small church is one of the most fascinating places in the Noci area where you can admire the view and the breathtaking sunsets. Architecturally the church has a façade with three pinnacles surmounted by a bell-gable. The roofs of the naves are pointed and covered with limestone slabs, the stones which are used in the construction of the trulli. Inside the church there are three naves separated by pilasters which hold up a barrel vault. On the central altar , there is an effigy which is undoubtedly earlier than the baroque picture frame in which it is placed and figures the Assumption of Our Lady with the Saints.



Strada Noci Barsento Km 4


40.80913736616963, 17.18468856794061