The Collegiate Church of the Assumption was built in 1521 at the behest of the dukes of Sanseverino, with the contribution of the University of Ceglie, and it was dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin. Promoted to the status of collegiate church in 1606, the church constituted for a long time, the only sacred building in the town which had a baptismal font. The interior, built on the greek cross pattern, has numerous works of art of great value, among which are several pictures of the famous painter Domenico Carella, such as the Last Supper. The Assumption is a perspective view of Ceglie, which is, to date, the oldest document of its kind concerning the messapian city. The dome and the bell-tower dominates everything else. And the view of them is very beautiful from one of the windows of the castle.



Via Damiano Chiesa, 11


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