At this point the walk can continue with a visit to the Church of San Gioacchino leaving via the Gate of Giuso. The gate was partially excavated into the rock and used to be known as Juso. It was the southern entrance into the medieval town.

The Church of san Gioacchino, built in 1869 on land donated by some citizens of Ceglie, was planned and constructed by the Cavallo brothers, local master builders. The building is constructed on an octagonal plan and around the perimeter there are walls which maintain the tambours and the hemispheric vault. The bell-tower remained unfinished while the dome according to the original design, should have been finished with coloured maiolic tiles The structure as a whole reminds one of the form of the Pantheon of Rome. Inside there are some affrescoes by the painter Abruzzese dated 1876, two pictures figuring S. Francesco of Paola and the ‘deposition’ of the painter from Martina ‘Giuseppe di Giuseppe’.



Via Ricasoli 41, Ceglie Messapica


40.64547916037621, 17.517809591051787