Around the plain of olive trees the Regional Coastal Dunes Nature Park (which takes up 1,100 hectares) can be found. The park runs along the 8 kilometres of coast line from Torre San Leonardo to Torre Canne in the Fasano area. It began with the aim of preserving and restoring the habitats and species of animals and plants and to protect the beauty of its landscape and the architectural elements to be found in the area. Throughout the whole year there are many events realised in collaboration with organisations that form part of the park: there are excursions, workshops, night walks, music concerts and cooking demonstrations, walks and bike rides. Precisely in order to encourage the bicycle tourist there is a Bike Hotel (Albergabici) inside the park: this is a building with twenty beds and a workshop where bikes can be repaired, which is near the road-building site office for ANAS on the ex-SS16 Ostuni-Fasano road.



Casa del Parco - Ex Stazione di Fontevecchia, Ostuni


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